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Tile & Grouting Cleaning Services in Gilbert

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Every week, you take time out of your busy schedule to mop your tile floors. Sure, your floors sparkle afterwards, but are you aware that dirty water is actually filling up the pours in your grout every time you mop? That’s why your grout is taking on a dingy hue. Scrubbing will only damage the grout even further and eventually force you to regrout and reseal the entire floor.

If any of this sounds familiar, then you have come to the right place! The tile and grout cleaning experts at Beehive Cleaning are dedicated to helping you save your time, your money, and your knees by offering exceptional cleaning services. We know all of the tricks for getting out stubborn grout stains, and our effective tile cleaner services are the best in town! You can count on our effective team to leave your tile areas sparkling like new again.

Comprehensive grout cleaning services

Hand selected for their experience, competence, and courtesy, the amazing staff at Beehive Cleaning is proud to provide you with a wide range of tile cleaning services. We use only the best tile cleaner, grout cleaner, and grout sealer products on the market to ensure the best results

Our tile & grout cleaning services are perfect for:

  • Bathrooms – tubs, showers, tiles, mosaic tiles, and floors
  • Kitchens – floors, backsplashes, counters, walls
  • Outdoor areas – terraces, decks, patios, pool areas
  • Traffic areas – hallways, foyers, staircases

The tile and grout cleaning process

Beehive Cleaning is dedicated to providing superior services, so we always start off every tile or grout cleaning project with a free estimate. During the estimate, we will inspect the areas you want cleaned to determine which of our services best suit your needs. We will then sit down with you to discuss your tile and grout cleaner options.

Our tile and grout cleaning process includes:

  • Pre-treating tile and grout with a degreasing solution to loosen accumulated soil, grease, contaminants, and topical residues
  • Scrubbing all surfaces with special surrogated brushes
  • Rinsing with pressure heated water
  • Repeating steps 1-3 with a low PH restorative cleaner
  • Drying all surfaces
  • Sealing grout to prevent future stains

Sparkling bathrooms without the fuss

Take the hassle out of cleaning your bathrooms with the extensive cleaning services of Beehive Cleaning. Not only are we experts at cleaning grout, but we can scrub your shower, freshen up your commode, and make your floors shine. Our team also has the expertise to take care of your marble, travertine, or natural stone surfaces with professional stone care.

If you are looking for a tile and grout cleaning service that can do the job right, then Beehive Cleaning is the perfect solution. Our professional, courteous cleaning team will have the job done in no time – and we work with your schedule so as not to disrupt your routine.

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