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You should always be on the lookout for mold growing on the grout of your bathroom flooring in Chandler and Gilbert. Your stone flooring and grout should be cleaned regularly to avoid unsightly stains, but it is also essential to inhibit mold growth, which can be hazardous to your health. Continue reading to see if your grout has mold.

You Notice an Odd Smell

One of the biggest clues to that you might have mold located in your house is a noticeable smell. You may notice a musty or sour smell whenever you enter your bathroom or another tiled area. If you notice an earthy smell, then you might have rotting wood somewhere. If your wood flooring is rotting, or the wood in your home’s structural frame is rotting, then mold may start to grow. If you notice any sort of smell, especially in your tiled bathroom, then you should invest in grout and stone floor clearing.

You Have Discolored Flooring

Regular wear and tear can stain and discolor your flooring, but with home cleaning services, your home and bathroom flooring should retain its look. However, if you notice that your bathroom flooring or the grout itself seems discolored, then you may have mold. Your stone flooring or grout may appear to have a muddy appearance or even show specks of the mold spores. If your stone flooring has appeared dirtier than usual, then invest in mold cleaning services.

You Have Loose Tiles

When you have loose tiles in your stone flooring, you must have them repaired soon. Not only can loose tiles become easily damaged and impede the look of your flooring, they can attract mold. By having loose tiles, the seal between the tiles and the foundation is broken. With this seal broken, moisture and mold spores can easily get under the tiles and into the surrounding grout and flooring. If you have found loose tiles, then have them cleaned and repaired immediately to avoid possible mold growth.

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