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Window Cleaning Services in Gilbert

Keeping Windows Spotless around Gilbert, Mesa and Tempe Area

Do you dream of a home that features spotless windows? At Beehive Cleaning, our residential window cleaners serving Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa and Tempe can turn this dream into a reality for a brighter, more appealing home. Our full-service cleaning company can help you maintain your home with customized cleaning solutions that include window cleaning, carpet and furniture cleaning services, move-in cleaning services, and other basic home maintenance tasks.

Factors That Affect Your Window Cleaning Schedule

Regular window cleaning services will maintain the value of your windows while increasing your home’s curb appeal and making your living spaces a more enjoyable environment every day. Professionals recommend that you schedule window cleaning services for your home at least twice a year. However, there are several factors that affect how often you should call in your residential window cleaners for service.

  • Weather can play a large part in the condition of your windows. Poor weather conditions can cause dirt and dust to build up on windows more quickly, which means you should have them addressed more often to maintain their cleanliness and protect the glass.
  • The location of a window can also affect the frequency with which you need window cleaning services. The windows in the front of your home should be cleaned more frequently than windows that face alleys or adjacent homes. Additionally, you may want to consider cleaning picture windows or windows that feature a view you enjoy more often for personal benefit.
  • The type of landscaping in your yard may also affect your windows. Some types of trees and plants produce more debris and pollen than others, which can in turn impact how often you need to schedule window cleaning services.

How Window Cleaning Protects Your Windows

Professional window cleaning services offer more than spotless windows and a brighter home. Regular cleaning can actually protect your windows, increasing the return you gain on this important investment. Without regular cleaning, dirt and dust builds up on your windows, causing damage such as tiny scratches and pockmarks in the glass under windy conditions. Even if the window is eventually cleaned, this damage can affect the quality of the view through the glass. Dust and dirt can also cause deterioration of caulking and other sealing materials around the window’s frame over time, which compromises the airtightness of multi-pane windows, causing them to discolor and lose efficiency. Scheduling regular window cleaning services will ensure that dirt and dust are removed before they can cause damage and wear over the long term.

Beehive Cleaning has been providing top-quality residential cleaning services near Chandler since 1996. You can contact us today by calling 480-430-8822 for a free estimate.

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